Our Services: Testimonials

• “We don’t know how we would have coped without the love of Sr Tracey and Hospice.”

• Caroline spoke highly of Hospice and said even though she has sadness and misses her mother she is consoled by the gentle caring and nursing from everyone working not only in the In-Patient Unit but throughout Hospice East Rand.

• “Sr Fikile has been my anchor and helped me through my depression. She has been a great inspiration to me”.

• “I pray that everyone can have such a peaceful, dignified death as Pieter had in the Hospice In-Patient Unit.”

• “Our whole family will always remember you all for the kindness you showed to our dying Mom.  We will always be grateful and keep you in our hearts.  Keep up the wonderful work.”

• “Sr Fikile was very motherly towards my Dad’s feelings and requests. Her advice was valuable when we did not know what to do.  Thank you for being honest with us throughout the whole process. Thank you for being so sincere.”

• “The care we received at Hospice was really outstanding which gave us peace of mind. The service was tremendous.  Hospice East Rand was a home of tender, loving care and warmth.  The homecare service was also outstanding.  The Sisters took time to comfort our loved one in times of depression and ensured his medication was monitored.  I would like to thank each and everyone for their love and support  and for standing with us until the last day.  May the Lord bless you all for your kind hearts.”

• “The Sister was excellent. Most knowledgeable and empathetic to our physical and spiritual needs. I am most appreciative of the help my late wife and I received in a situation that is highly emotional pending the inevitable loss.”

• "Everybody at Hospice East Rand should wear name tags preceeded with 'Angel'! "

• “Everyone at Hospice East Rand have the most fantastic attitude.”

• “Sr Tracey was absolutely wonderful and is a remarkable woman with that special love for her patients.”

• “From beginning to end your service was magnificent.  Really appreciated your service.”

• “Hospice is die beste.  100% kwaliteit diens, liefdevol, behulpsaam en altyd vriendelik.”

• “Not having had anything to do with hospice before, I did not realize what a wonderful organization you run. Everyone I dealt with was unbelievable.   Well done and thank you!”

“We and our family and friends and other people always talk about the service Hospice gave us.  We will always make donations to you. You are the best.”

• “I would, and have, recommended Hospice East Rand to all I come in contact with.”

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• Moira said “ we would never  have coped without Hospice. Sr Debbie was always reassuring and positive. She normalized the situation for us, even when my Mom’s condition changed; she made us feel calm and able to cope.”

• Lorna can’t praise the In-Patient Unit nursing staff or Sr Debbie enough. “We could visit at any time, they made sure our loved one was always comfortable and that he had no pain.  We often sat in the Hospice garden together.”

• “I didn’t know there were still people that cared as much as Hospice.  We were so taken back by the service we got from Hospice East Rand for my Mom.  You are amazing people!.”

• “The Hospice Sister was a God send.  Without her I would not have been able to cope.  Her caring personality and medical help were so valuable to me.  I got more support from her in 3 weeks than I got from my Mom’s Oncologist in 2 years”.

• “Excellent well organized institution. You provided all the help and support I needed just when I needed it the most.  I will always be grateful to you.”

• “Our whole family will always remember you all for the kindness you showed to our dying Mom.  We will always be grateful and keep you in our hearts.  Keep up the wonderful work.”

• “If all nurses and caregivers were like Hospice staff, what a wonderful world we would be in.”

• “We would like to commend Sr Loraine. When the patient could no longer move, we tried all over to get help but NO ONE was prepared to visit or comfort the family until we contacted your organization. Without hesitation Sr Loraine came to visit and made the world of difference. How good to have the presence of a professional who cared. It is a pleasure to know that people like her still exist in our society.  She deserves a medal.”

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