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2020 – Wall of Remembrance

Every day in some small way, memories of you come our way. Though absent, you are always near. Still missed, loved and always dear.

If you would like to add your own message to our Wall of Remembrance please visit the Candles of Remembrance page to see how.

In loving memory of: Joan Reid, Tattie Reid, Cheryl Delafield, Colin Flowerdew and Les Radley.

Jenny Reid

To our dearly beloved Sophia Helena Janse Van Rensburg. Gone, but not forgotten. With love, from your children and grandchildren.

Anel Lategan

In loving memory of Hospice colleagues and friends who are no longer with us. Sr Di, Sr Beauty, Sr Marie, Sr Sophie, Sr Sheila, Marion Snape, Gael Worrall, Rowena Murray-Brown.

Brenda Bisschoff

In loving memory of Craig Ian Edwards. Our beloved son and brother, who left us on 4th August 2012. Love you forever. Mom, Dad and Siblings xxx

Ian and Leonie Edwards

In loving memory of Andre Bisschoff. Always close in our hearts. From Brenda, Darryl, Lisa and Matthew.

Brenda Bisschoff

Lyn Varkevisser. Always in our thoughts remembering our fondest memories we had. You will be forever missed and loved, Dan and Kids.

Andrew Varkevisser

In loving memory of our husband, father, grandfather, brother, Peter Saayman taken from us too soon.

Elna Saayman

In loving memory of Ian and Sharon Whittingham. Forever in our hearts, Blessed with special memories. Merle & Claire.

Claire Brown

Mumzie… 3 months now that I don’t have you. My heart aches for you. I am so sorry for all the times I didn’t sit with you. I wish I hugged you more. I wish I held your hand more. I miss you. I love you. Love From your Kewpie/Chicken

Angela Marx

In loving memory of my beloved parents Eric & Yvonne Mostert who we so dearly miss and my mom in law Joan George (Mouse).

Colleen George

In loving memory of Stephan le Roux (2006). In loving memory of Dora-Marie le Roux (2011).

Wilma le Roux

In memory of Rika Vos – a dear friend.

Lucille Hagemann

In loving memory of Zaheer John. Our beloved son and brother. Love you forever treasured soul. Granny, Mom, Dad & Siblings.

Terrance John

In loving memory of Erna Webster my beloved wife, Mother and Grand mother who passed away on 2nd June 2020 our love for you will never die. Graham & Family.

Graham Webster

In loving memory of Georgie Hodge. This will be our second Christmas without you. We miss you but we do not begrudge you the peace and rest from pain which you now have. RIP. till we meet again.

Lorraine Hodge

Remembering with much love my husband and father Bokkie Delaporte. Died 14/9/2018. We will never forget.

Lena Delaporte

Terry McKenzie. Always Loved and Always remembered by those who love you most – Jen, Fiona, John, Darragh, Kayleigh & Olivia. Sometimes a memory of you sneaks out of my eye and runs down my cheeks. Miss you so much.

Jeanette McKenzie

Dad Goerge, Moekie Johanna en Pa Ben ons mis julle elke dag. Die pyn en verlange gaan nooit weg. Hulle sal altyd n baie special plek in ons harte he. Love you lots like Jelly Tots, tot ons weer ontmoed.

Benita Matthysen

My dear friend Geoff.

Anthony Swan

Mr J.A. Dries Sr, Mr R. Van Damme, Saskia Dries

R Dries

Gavin, We thought it was brave that you got up in the morning even though your soul was weary and ached for a rest. We thought it was brave that you kept on living even when you didn’t know how to anymore. We thought it was brave that you pushed away the waves that rolled in everyday and you decided to fight. We know there were days that you felt like giving up but we thought it was brave that you never did. We love and miss you endlessly. Love Mark and Robin

Robin Wilson

Remembering Rasmus Strydom, John, Mary and Sue Roderick and all our friends from the Welsh Choir of South Africa, Rod Solomon, Ian Mc Queen, Dave Bencks, Mike Richardson, Bernie Bottger, John Bloor

Graham & Denise Roderick

Late Hunter Howard Logan. As the sun shines and rain that falls with the wind that blows reminds me everyday how you are missed with the years and seasons that pass on. With the light and glory and praise that your grandchildren bring joy to our lives is a reminder of your legacy that lives on in your children grandchildren and nephew.

Tanya Mulder

Loving memories on behalf of the Barrett/Orr clan.

Sue Orr

My liefste Moeder, Martie Strydom, dit is al amper 3 jaar, maar die verlange brand nog steeds soos vuur. Ek wonder of raak die pyn minder, word dit ooit beter of makliker? Hoop Mammie geniet die Hemelse ervaring en glo ons sal mekaar weer eendag daar ontmoet. Liefies Mammie so ongeflippenlooflik baie en sal Mammie altyd onthou. Hester Janse van Rensburg

Hester Janse van Rensburg

In memory of Julia.

Nick Jacobs

In loving memory of Eric Felix Heubner, Muriel Coventry Le Cordeur, Neville Charles Le Cordeur and Fergus Gerrard Teeling.

M.E. Heubner

To my darling Graeme, I miss you. Lots of love, Carolyn.

Carolyn Algie

We remember our daughter Lisa Ann Barton who died on 11 May 2009 from leukaemia aged 13 years.

Allen Barton

In loving memory of Anton Krop.

Peter Krop

May they all be resting in peace. Johnathan Zerbst, Hector Zerbst, Joan Zerbst, Doris Atkinson and Jack Atkinson forever in my thoughts.

Dorothy Zerbst

In loving memory of John Siepman. You will forever live on in the hearts and minds of the family you left behind. Gone but never forgotten, love you dad.

Jeff Siepman

I think of you often, am grateful for the time we did share and wish I could have just one more chat with you. Gone but never forgotten Gramps and always dearly loved xoxo

Jonquil Siepman

In memory of my husband Reiner and all loved ones who have lost their battle with cancer.

Claire Westhoff

Juan you passed on 23/8/2020. Son they say only the good die young and God chose the best! You will always be engraved so deep in my heart, will never ever forget you! Love your mom and brother Jacques. Love for you – never ending xx

Estelle Marais

We remember our very precious Mom and Gran Brenda Smith. We wish you were still here with us, and miss you everyday. You were so brave. We love you. Love Siobhan, James, Daniel, Jess and Sam.

Siobhan Walsh

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Father Domingos and all those who have died from Cancer. You will always be remembered. Love your wife, children and grandchildren.

Dulce Roberto

In loving memory of lost Family and Friends. Wakefield Family.

Dawn Wakefield

In memory of loved ones.

Maureen Kirkham

To all the special people that have blessed our lives, you are indelibly imprinted in our memories forever. We love you so very much. Joanie, James & Lyndsey Strachan. Steve Strachan, Tommy Furlong, Jimmy Strachan, Sheila Strachan, Alan Fry, Shelly Fry, Gavin Pawson, Chiny Landzaard, Judith Pattendon, Dave Potter, Amber Joy Johnson (survivor).

Joanie Strachan

I thank God every day for blessing me with a son like you, and I thank God every day for taking care of you. Thank you for the memories, I cherish them in my heart. They are irreplaceable and were right from the start. Rest in peace my child till we meet again. All my love, Mom.

Marge Knight

Granny how could I forget to put you on the wall of remembrance too? I hope with all of my heart that you and My mumzie are together, hugging each other in spirit and watching me. I cry for you both every day. You were my last “people” and now I’m alone. I miss you so much. Please don’t stop sending me signs. They keep me going. I love you.

Angela Marx

Alan and Cynthia Clulow – Forever in our hearts. Miss you every day. From Jennifer, Gayle & Gareth English and family.

Jennifer English

In remembrance of Geoff, husband and father. Gone but never forgotten.

Sally Lloyd

It feels like yesterday and always will. Your physical presence is missed but thankful that you are still with me.

Heather Fraser

Mommy and Daddy. Ken van der Merwe – Dad 15 years and it is still not easy. Veronica van der Merwe – Mommy 3 year and I still remember everything like yesterday. The pain never goes away. Miss you both stax. Thanks to sister Tracy for being there for me. Lots of love, Linda van der Merwe

Linda van der Merwe

It has been 6 years since you left us, Eileen, and your loss is still deeply felt by all of us. We will always love you and think of you everyday. We miss your bubbly spirit and caring nature. Love from Mark, Debbie, Paige, Michael, Elise, Michael, Tyler, Maddix, John, Rose and Craig

Debbie Hearsey

In loving memory of George Jacobs, Johanna Jacobs, Ben Venter, Andre Joubert, Nick Joubert, Hester Joubert, Andries Joubert, en Frans Matthysen

Benita Matthysen

In loving memory of Dawn Saunders. Love you Mom. Tracy, Bev & Guy

Tracy Hancock