Hospice East Rand Remembers Its Oldest Patient

Hospice East Rand Remembers Its Oldest Patient

Hospice East Rand’s patient, Eileen Freed past away recently at the age of 104 years and 8 months. Eileen was Hospice’s oldest patient of record and an excellent reminder that signing up as a patient with Hospice East Rand doesn’t mean signing your death sentence.

Hospice affirms life and regards death as a natural process. While we neither hasten or postpone death, we believe that people diagnosed with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness should be allowed to live life as fully as possible.

Eileen became a Hospice East Rand patient in 2018 due to heart failure. At that stage she was 101 years old.

Her daughter-in-law, Helen Freed speaks fondly of all staff at Hospice East Rand but especially Sr Tracy Scholefield who cared for Eileen throughout these years. She acknowledges the amazing love and care Sr Tracy gave as well as her depth of knowledge and skill during her visits.

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