Hospice East Rand Welcomes New Doctor

Hospice East Rand Welcomes New Doctor

Hospice East Rand is excited to welcome Dr Lois Tarwa to our team. Dr Tarwa is passionate about palliative care as is evident through her journey so far.

Dr Tarwa’s interest in cancer and palliative care started in high school when she was part of the debutante programme volunteering for the Cancer Association of South Africa. While in medical school she selected palliative care as an elective module and subsequently spent time at St Luke’s Hospice in Cape Town.

While doing her community service in primary health, she channelled her interests on the rise of cancers in HIV positive patients. She is currently completing her master’s degree in Cancer and Clinical Oncology with a focus on the use of immunotherapy in HIV & AIDS patients with cancer.

While talking to Dr Tarwa about palliative care, she acknowledges that dying is the final stage of life. “As doctors we can sometimes feel disheartened when we cannot save a patient, but it is important to treat our patients holistically and with compassion to the very end.”

Palliative care is a process and not an event. At Hospice we strive to provide comprehensive end-of-life care to patients and their families. Unfortunately, certain communities are not aware of palliative care or don’t believe they have the right to this service. Every person deserves to die peacefully with their dignity upheld, and these principles form the foundation Hospice East Rand”.

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