Candles Of Remembrance A Treasured Event

Candles Of Remembrance A Treasured Event

Hospice East Rand aired their Candles of Remembrance ceremony last Sunday, December 4, 2022. Although virtual, it was a gathering of community members to reflect on the year which is almost at an end, remember family and friends who have passed on and to celebrate their lives.

Guest Speaker, Rev. Hilton Volkwyn shared a moving message about living fully and dying well. There were beautiful musical numbers. Chesney Foster sang “Scars in Heaven” with Elijah Stoebel as guitarist and viewers listened to an instrumental piece by Michelle and Amanda Wang while reflecting on the message shared. Hospice East Rand’s Sr Tracey Scholefield read a beautiful poem entitled “I Miss You”.

Hospice East Rand nursing sisters, care workers, social workers and other staff members stood together to light candles in remembrance of patients, family and friends lost this year and years before. Burning a candle is symbolic. It ensures that the memory of loved ones still live on and burn bright. It was both moving and calming watching all the candles burning brightly together.

In his message to our community, Con Roux, chairman of Hospice East Rand, shared the financial struggle the NPO has been experiencing for the last three years following the pandemic. He highlighted the NPO’s gratitude to people for supporting them through giving of items for resale at their charity shops and for purchasing items at their charity shops as this accounts for 63% of their income generated. He also highlighted the role that corporate donations and bequests have played. Despite their financial challenges, Hospice East Rand still rises above to support and care for those with life-limiting illnesses. Con confirmed that in the previous year, the Hospice East Rand palliative care team provided home based care with 5639 patient visits to 464 patients and their families within our East Rand community.

Hospice East Rand gave special thanks to a number people for their role in Candles of Remembrance this year. These include:

● St Dunstan’s College for hosting Candles of Remembrance
● Daniel Douglas-Haw – Director of Culture and Arts, St Dunstan’s College
● Marian Baruffwala – Head of Culture, St Dunstan’s College
● Jared Chaplin – Sound and Lighting, St Dunstan’s College
● Chesney Foster and Elijah Stoebel
● Michelle and Amanda Huang
● Hilton Volkwyn
● Sunkist Garden Pavilion for assisting with the décor
● Caxton Media for all their coverage around Candles of Remembrance
● Livion Media for their role in bringing the event together
● Everyone who made a donation towards our Wall of Remembrance

If you missed Candles of Remembrance on Sunday evening you can still watch the ceremony by following the link or viewing it on their Facebook page.