When Your World Changes Forever

When Your World Changes Forever

From the moment you are given the news that your loved one has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, your world as you know it changes forever. Charon Dodd, wife to Pieter Dodd, a patient of Hospice East Rand shared her experience with us.

“Many people think cancer is the only life-limiting illness. This is what we thought but now understand there are a variety of illnesses that fall within the life-limiting category. Ours was end stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) aggravated by type 1 diabetes,” explains Charon.

“My husband had had enough of hospitals, ICU, High Care, CT scans and limited visiting hours. He wanted to spend what time he had left at home. This is easier said than done. No matter how broad your shoulders are, you cannot do it alone. An elder in our church suggested I contact Hospice. The Pulmonologist provided a referral letter with a medical report and we were visited that same week.”

“Hospice East Rand offers a holistic approach to home based palliative care. The patient’s family is very much included, which was a major plus in our books. Our appointed nursing sister was Sr Tracey Scholefield. She got to know my husband very well, but also the rest of the family including our grandchildren. His condition was thoroughly monitored, and our concerns addressed properly. We were fully prepared for what to expect. I had the freedom to call day and night with my concerns. His pain and breathing were managed together with any other problem we experienced. Tracey was a phone call away.”

“Something I wasn’t expecting was Hospice East Rand’s assistance in getting the best from our medical aid benefits, especially the very necessary palliative care benefits that we were not aware of. Wendy Hitchings from Hospice East Rand arranged all medical aid authorisations for me giving me freedom from those worries. I could spend my time taking care of my husband and not on hold with the medical aid. Equipment ranging from commodes to wedge pillows were available for rental from Hospice East Rand at very reasonable prices.”

“Even with my whole family’s unwavering support, we would not have been able to complete what would have been an unbearable journey. Hospice East Rand helped us have many magical moments with laughter until the very end. Our family will always owe them a debt of gratitude. The only downside to their service is the attachment you automatically develop with your care giver and giving her up during the grieving stages can be very difficult. I will always recommend Hospice East Rand to anyone who has a loved one needing palliative care.”

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