St Benedict’s Remarkable Generosity Fuels Hospice East Rand’s Mission

St Benedict’s Remarkable Generosity Fuels Hospice East Rand’s Mission

“The St Benedict’s community, known for its compassion and generosity, has once again demonstrated the profound impact that united efforts can achieve. Their extraordinary support for Hospice East Rand’s Bring-A-Thing fundraiser this year has left us awe-inspired”, says Jonquil Siepman, marketing and media liaison for Hospice East Rand.

Hospice East Rand, the NPO dedicated to providing palliative care for patients with life-limiting illnesses, relies heavily on community support. This year, St Benedict’s College and its community rallied behind the cause, donating unused items to be sold in Hospice East Rand’s charity shops for funding.

What followed was a heart-warming display of generosity. St Benedict’s contributions were so overwhelming that they filled not one, but two trucks and a trailer. These items, when sold, provide essential funds that account for a substantial 61% of Hospice East Rand’s finances, ensuring vital care for patients who need it most.

“The St Benedict’s community’s commitment to helping those in need shines as a beacon of hope. Their support is not just appreciated; it is essential to the work of Hospice East Rand. This collaboration between a school and a local charity exemplifies the remarkable power of community,” Jonquil says.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to every member of the St Benedict’s community—students, parents, teachers, and staff. Your unwavering dedication to making a difference serves as an inspiration to us all.”